TCS 3000

The TCS 3000 electronic register is a fully integrated flow computer that will control all delivery operations. The modular design and buy viagra online without prescription uk expert open software architecture provide you with a tailored system that is expandable for future needs.

The TCS 3000 features a large color VGA display screen, backlit alpha-numeric keypad and multiple mounting configurations (75 & 90 degree, remote) for easy viewing.

Whether you require a simple “Pump and Print” delivery or an advance measurement solution, the TCS 3000 will provide total control of your product inventory.

NIST and OIML approved!



Thanks to the power and flexibility of the TCS3000 register, TCS now allows fuel distributors to connect their registers to their home office with ease.  Electronically import delivery tickets to the home office at the end of the day or in real-time! Do you have a back office program?  We have the tools needed for integration. 

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Searching for a meter solution for Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

682SS 304 meterDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a 32.5% high purity urea and de-ionized water solution, considered a Fertilizer by the National Conference of Weights & Measures.

The EPA has required commercial engine and vehicle manufacturers to lower emissions and increase performance standards by 2010. One technology that provides a reliable solution is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), a system that sprays a fine mist of emission fluid that is dosed into the exhaust to react and neutralize the NOx molecules.

700SS DEFTotal Control Systems is pleased to introduce an economical 304 stainless steel construction for our 682 piston and 700 rotary flow meters to maintain the high purity required for the handling of DEF. As one of the ONLY flow meters available today to meet the custody transfer requirements of DEF measurement, we look forward to help drive solutions for cleaner air.

Alternative Fuels

Total Control Systems is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement flow meters and measurement solutions within the petroleum, alcohol and solvent custody transfer industry for many years. Our 682 piston and 700 rotary flow meters provide precision accuracy and innovative solutions for the custody transfer of renewable (alternative) fuel applications, including the production, processing, terminal operations and transportation.

Total Control Systems offers advanced materials within our flow meters for complete compatibility with Biodiesel and Ethanol/Methanol blended fuels.  Our flow meters are available in Ductile (Nodular) Iron or Anodized Aluminum materials of construction.

Miracle Meter

The "Miracle Meter" as the reciprocating piston flow meter was once called, was originally designed by Tokheim Corporation over 75 years ago. The flow meter was created to solve the inaccurate measurement of service station deliveries in the nineteen thirties. Since the creation of the three piston flow meter, industry leaders have often relied on the 898 dispenser and its industrial 682 model flow meter for the most precise record of accuracy.

Over the years, the reciprocating piston flow meter has had numerous housing styles to suit various industry applications. Since purchasing the rights to the Piston flow meter from Tokheim Corporation in 1995, Total Control Systems has made significant design changes to improve the flow meters performance and make it smaller, lighter and more reliable for industrial applications.

The 682 piston meter is still the only "true" positive displacement flow meter available in the industry.  With proven history of performance and reliability, the 682 piston flow meter can still carry the label of the "Miracle Meter".



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