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AdBlue/Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Take advantage of field-tested, rugged stainless steel meters and accessories designed to withstand the corrosive nature of AdBlue/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

AdBlue/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a solution comprised of high purity urea and deionized water that is highly corrosive and can significantly shorten the accuracy and lifetime of a meter without proper handling. Thanks to TCS’s experience of managing liquids, we constructed piston and rotary meters with materials that were able to withstand the challenges presented by AdBlue/DEF. Today, TCS meters can be found throughout the AdBlue/DEF industry in blending facilities, delivery vehicles, dispensers, intermediate bulk containers (IBC), and delivery skids.

Industry Solutions

700 SSD - Stainless Steel DEF

The 700 SSD rotary flow meter is designed to meter diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), AdBlue, AUS 32, and ARLA 32...