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Experience superior accuracy and precision in chemical &
fertilizer metering. TCS meters and accessories excel in
precision ag applications.

Total Control Systems manufactures piston and rotary flow meters that have long been considered the most reliable and accurate measuring instrumentation for the Agricultural industry. Serving the Co-op Agribusinesses, Plant Food Applicators, OEM Automation Systems, Crop Protection Chemical Dealers and Growers.


  • Nitrogen Solutions
  • N-P-K Fertilizers
  • Crop Oils
  • Liquid Feeds
  • Phospheric Acid
  • Crop Protection Chemicals: Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides

Industry Solutions

700 AF - All Ferrous

The 700 AF rotary flow meter is designed to meter industrial chemicals, solvents, pesticides, fertilizer, chlorinated solvents, paints, inks, alcohols...

700 SS - Stainless Steel

The 700 SS rotary flow meter is designed to meter all the same liquids as the SP, SPA, SPD, IP...