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Renewable Fuels
Accurately, blend, manufacture, and resell ethanol,
biodiesel, and other renewable fuels with TCS flow
meters, accessories, and electronic registration.

Total Control Systems provides ethanol, methanol, and biodiesel manufacturers, blenders, distributors, and retailers a full line of positive displacement metering solutions. Whether you need a metering solution to deliver, store, dispense, or blend a renewable fuel, TCS is the meter manufacturer of choice.

Industry Solutions

700 SP - Standard Petroleum Meters

The 700 SP rotary flow meter is designed to meter petroleum products such as gasoline, fuel oils, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, vegetable...

700 SPA - Standard Petroleum Aviation

The 700 SPA rotary flow meter is designed to meter aviation gasoline, gasoline, jet fuels, fuel oils, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene...

700 SPD - Standard Petroleum Ductile Nodular Iron

The 700 SPD rotary flow meter is designed to meter refined petroleum products such as aviation gasoline, ethanol blends, methanol...