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Registros mecánicos
Totalice y muestre volúmen de líquidos con este y preciso y resistente registro mecánico.
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Estos registros de medidor, precisos y resistentes, están diseñados para toda clase de operaciones con la entrega o el inventorio de líquidos.  Los registros totalizan y muestran información sobre transacciones y entregas de alta velocidad en un formato fácil para leer.  En suma, ofrecen un visualizador fácilmente visible, construcción 'antibalas,' y lecturas precisas hasta 99,999,999 unidades.

  • 7887 Registro

    7887 Registro

    The 7887 Meter Register totalizes and displays high speed deliveries and transactions in large easy-to-read figures. Displays a 5 digit resettable totalizer and 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. Optional 6 digit resettable totalizer and 8 digit non-resettable totalizer available with the 7886 Meter Register.
  • 7888 Impresora de Boletos

    7888 Impresora de Boletos

    Meter Register and Ticket Printer combine to produce clean, detailed printed records of high-speed fluid deliveries and transactions.
  • 7889

    7889 "Preset" Contador

    The Meter Register and Preset Counter provide automatic preset batch control. The control function will shut-off (2-stage) when predetermined quantity is delivered.
  • Giratorias


    The swivel adapter allows the register to be rotated to any desired angle before delivery or while meter is operating. Accuracy of registration is not affected. Reduces cost and saves space on loading racks where trucks are filled from either side. Also available to be used with preset counter.
  • Interruptor de Bandeja

    Tray switch prevents a pump or valve from turning on until the register counter has been reset. Also used for resetting external digital displays after a transaction is finalized.
  • Micro Interruptor

    The Micro Switch assembly has two double chamber internal switches to provide Full Flow, Low Flow and Off Control for the 7889 preset counters.
  • Transmisor de Pulsos

    Transmisor de Pulsos

    The dry reed (1:1 or 10:1) and solid state (100:1) pulse transmitters provide fast and accurate signaling for remote indication, totalizing and data monitoring systems. The 1871, 7697 and 7671 pulse transmitters accurately pulses electronic signals from a Veeder Root meter register to a remote display or a data system.