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TCS 682 SP Meter
Accurately meter gasoline, fuel oils, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, vegetable oils, soy oil, motor oils, ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), & more.
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Each insulation jacket is lightweight, flexible and vibration resistant to help provide thermal protection of the flow meter. The custom designed insulation jackets are removable and reusable, required for rugged and dirty applications.

RTD temperature probe for flow computers. Explosion proof housing for hazardous locations. 1" NPT fitting with 4" probe length.

Mechanical register heat extension for temperatures over 160 F (71 C). A vented heat extension is 12 inches (305 mm) in height, and assembled with brass bushings and face gear to protect the register counter from heat damage.

Mechanical rate of flow indication available in Gallons, Litres or Decalitres.

Standard square companion flanges are included with the meter assembly.