TCS Manufactures a Full Line of Positive Displacement Flow Meters, Electronic Registration & Accessories
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Total Control Systems specializes in proving both reliable and innovative liquid measurement and recording equipment that is Weights and Measures approved (NIST, OIML, NMI, MID, and SABS). Today, Total Control Systems can be found supporting companies both large and small across the globe.

Flow Meters

While the best meter technology depends on the system characteristics, Total Control System's positive displacement flow meters and components selection criteria will...

Meter Accessories

Total Control Systems offers a complete line of accessories to support TCS flow meters.

TCS 3000 Electronic Register

[COLUMNS 2][COL] The TCS 3000 is a powerful, electronic register designed to transform the way you deliver fuel. It has been...

TCS HUB Delivery Software

Capture delivery information and electronically send it back to the office. The TCS HUB is designed to work seamlessly with...