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TCS Training & Support
Engage with our product experts at TCS headquarters. Receive training and learn about our latest innovations.

Total Control Systems offers factory training sessions at our headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Future Training Dates:

March 5-7, 2019 - Distributor Training - Aviation Focus

Come, Check out our state-of-the-art facilities, learn about our latest innovations, and review our trusted flagship products. Sessions will be fully interactive and include the following:

Factory Tour

Attendees will have an opportunity to tour over 100,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility and observe our team as they move products from the CNC machines to the assembly stations to the paint booths to Quality Assurance, Testing and on to shipping.

TCS 3000 Register

From Refined fuel’s to Aviation to LPG the TCS 3000 is quickly gaining market share and turning heads along the way. This portion of the session will give everyone an opportunity to learn installation procedures, set-up, programming and trouble-shooting. The easy to use key pad and large screen makes this session fun and exciting for all.


With this companion software package designed to complement the TCS 3000 register we will demonstrate the features and benefits of how to allow home offices to communicate directly with the TCS 3000 register.  This includes the ability to pull real time tickets from the truck via cellular modems or end of day using simple radio modems.

700 Meter

During this portion we will review our flagship meters. Along the way learning the intrigal workings and seeing first hand where we have made improvements to make this one of the most accurate meters available.

682 Meter

Originally called the “Miracle Meter” when it was first designed in the 1930’s. The 682 has been even more refined to become an industry leader in slow flow applications. Attendees will see firsthand the inner workings and why it’s the work horse that it is.