Capture delivery information and electronically send it back to the office. The TCS HUB is designed to work seamlessly with the TCS 3000 to save you and your drivers time, eliminate errors, and improve customer service. The TCS HUB integrates with a variety of ERP, back office, and 3rd-party applications.

The TCS HUB is a SQL-based software designed to capture truck delivery information wirelessly to be electronically collected at locations and/or the home office. The TCS HUB software supports both line of sight wireless modem and/or cellular modem for real-time delivery tracking. 

Access TCS HUB Anywhere with an Internet Connection

  • Secure User Authentication
  • Optional GPS Tracking
  • Delivery Reporting
  • Multi-Language Capable
  • Multi-Location Centralized software

With TCS HUB you can centrally manage delivery information of multiple locations along with all the trucks from the home office.

Email delivery ticket information to the relevant individuals by account, location, and truck.  Status delivery screen will provide up-to-date information for each delivery truck, meter totals reading, and communication status. A quick map link is available to quickly locate vehicles equipped with GPS.

TCS HUB can be configured to match your business’s needs:

  • Choose how frequently to pull information from the truck.
  • Configure each truck to either a wireless or cellular modem.
  • Identify trucks and communicate with them via TCP/IP.
  • Track multiple Registers/ Meters per truck.

TCS HUB can be deployed on the cloud. This means you can access all your delivery information in real-time ANYWHERE, on ANY DEVICE with an Internet connection!

With the TCS HUB, a PDF copy of the ACTUAL delivery ticket is available for viewing or printing ANYTIME. Fuel Delivery Tickets can be viewed, created, or edited from TCS HUB in the event errors were made. Original & edited copies of all fuel delivery tickets are archived for audit trail. Additionally editable custom fields are available for more information tracking.

  • Delivery reports are available for viewing, printing, PDF and/or Excel.
  • The TCS HUB comes with a built-in data export/import routine to assist in sending and receiving data to and from your back office or accounting software automatically.
  • Multiple types of export formats are available including XML, CSV, SQL, MySQL, SQLite, MS Access.
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