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tcsmobiletabandphone.pngOct 31, 2022 – Total Control Systems (TCS) announced that it has launched TCS Mobile, an android app designed to control one or more TCS 3000 electronic registers. In addition to starting, controlling, and stopping the TCS 3000 from a mobile device, the app can send delivery data to the cloud via the device’s own cellular connection. 

“Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to control the TCS 3000 remotely, the TCS Mobile feature we’re most excited about is the ability to send delivery data to TCS HUB via the device’s cellular connection,” shared Dan Murray, TCS President.  

TCS HUB is a web-based delivery software that consolidates TCS 3000 delivery information for tracking, reporting, and automatic exporting into back office and POS software. TCS HUB is a subscription-based product. 

TCS Mobile also works with and extends the TCS OnPoint ecosystem. TCS OnPoint describes the TCS 3000’s ability to keep deliveries within specification through advanced integration with key fueling devices. TCS OnPoint devices include level sensors, additive injection pumps and meters, density gauges, and more. Now with TCS Mobile, that functionality extends to the TCS Mobile app. From the app, data collected from TCS OnPoint devices can also be uploaded to TCS HUB for centralized reporting, viewing, and exporting.“Another powerful feature of TCS Mobile is its ability to control multiple TCS 3000 registers at once without the need for expensive junction boxes,” Murray said. “This is a time saver for fueling systems that have more than one register. Now the equipment can be controlled from a single device.” 

TCS Mobile can be downloaded directly to a device from the Google Play store. It is a free app that is compatible with any generation of TCS 3000 register. 

To learn more about TCS Mobile, visit

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