TCS 3000 Gen 2 inside medImproved Motherboard

  • New processor accommodates faster boot up times
  • Full Size USB port for software updates
  • Optional integrated internal Wi-Fi or cellular modem
  • Expanded software capabilities
  • Backwards compatibility with Gen 1 terminal boards

Improved Terminal Board

  • Integrated LED lights for I/O Diagnostics
  • Optional 3 channel expansion board for up to 3 additional components (e.g. water, tank, ΔP, and density gauging)

Improved Software (Requires Gen 2 Motherboard)

  • Expanded additive injection control options to include pump pressure.
  • JIG compliance for free water detection, LED indication and shutdown.
  • Additional differential pressure (ΔP) gauging control. Define a minimum pressure threshold for monitoring potential filter or hose ruptures.
  • Densitometer integration. Display density and mass on delivery tickets.
  • Automatically shut down delivery if density is outside defined parameters preventing misfuels.
  • Change the direction of flow in the software without having to open the register.
  • View a complete system and product parameters report directly on the register.
  • And more!