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Upgrade Program
Keep your TCS 3000 Electronic Register Up-to-date!

Stay Current with FREE Software and Low Cost Hardware Upgrades!

Total Control Systems is committed to its promise to help keep your TCS 3000 register flow computer software current. As industry regulations change, TCS improves the automation within the TCS 3000 register to keep in step. Nothing becomes obsolete!

We want you to receive these new features and benefits without downtime or heavy costs. The current software, with its new features and integrated technology options, can make your operation even more trouble-free and efficient:

  • Multipoint Calibration
  • Preview Calibration Reports on Display
  • Error Log Reporting
  • Eliminate Software Errors
  • Preset Top-Off
  • Pump Throttle Control
  • Export Ticket Configuration
  • Spanish or French Language Tickets

  • Added Printer Drivers
  • Inventory Integration
  • Water Defense Integration with Limit Shutdown
  • Differential Pressure Integration with Limit Shutdown
  • Additive Injection Pump Integration
  • Additive Meter Integration with Limit Shutdown
  • Density Integration

tcs 3000 version

Receive your FREE software upgrade by email, or participate in our low cost TCS 3000 Register Exchange Program.
  • FREE electronic software upgrade for TCS 3000 registers on current firmware via electronic message (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • LOW COST factory hardware and software upgrade for TCS 3000 registers on older versions of firmware. The factory upgrade requires the register front cover to be removed and shipped back to Total Control Systems via the TCS 3000 Register Exchange Program.


How to figure out which method you need to use to receive the FREE TCS 3000 software upgrade.

Identify Your Firmware Version

To get your product on the most current software, we must first recognize the firmware and operating software of your register computer. To confirm the current firmware on each TCS 3000 register, go to your REPORTS MENU and look under VERSION INFO.

You Have Current Firmware

If you have the current firmware, we will simply need to send you an email. It will include a file to upload to your TCS 3000 along with upgrade instructions. Plan around your annual meter calibrations; you will have to break the seal to accomplish the upload. The entire upload process takes only about 3 minutes! To request the upload file, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You Have Old Firmware

If you are on older firmware, we will need to do a factory upgrade of your register front cover. However, you can take advantage of the TCS 3000 REGISTER EXCHANGE program. NOTE: You will need to plan your exchange(s) around your annual calibrations because you will have to break your Weights & Measures seal.

Update your existing TCS 3000 register front cover to recive the current firmware and software enhancements. Regardless of the firmware or software version, we will exchange your TCS 3000 front cover at replacement cost. To avoid downtime, your current front cover can be sent to the TCS factory AFTER the new exchange front cover has been installed.

  1. The new, exchange TCS 3000 register front cover(s) will be shipped F.O.B. Fort Wayne. The replacement cost of the TCS 3000 register will be invoiced.
  2. Using the packaging from the exchange TCS 3000 register cover, send your current TCS 3000 front cover back to Total Control Systems. Shipping costs must be prepaid.
  3. The hinge pins, set screws and ribbon cables need to be sent back with the front cover.
  4. Warranty on the exchanged TCS 3000 register front cover(s) will be 180 days.