The dry reed (1:1 or 10:1) and solid state (100:1) pulse transmitters provide fast and accurate signaling for remote indication, totalizing and data monitoring systems. The 1871, 7697 and 7671 pulse transmitters accurately pulses electronic signals from a Veeder Root meter register to a remote display or a data system.

The 1871 and 7697 pulse transmitter switches a fixed level input voltage to form a square wave pulse with minimum contact bounce for use with transistorized circuits. The transmitters utilizes a dry-reed switch, magnet and gear train, synchronized to provide 1 ppr or 10 ppr.

The 7671 pulse transmitter directly controls an electronic current with a magnetic field, eliminating moving contacts. Two magnetically sensitive digital integrated circuits and two revolving magnetic disks with supporting hardware generate a pulse train. This pulser provides a single (100 ppr) or dual channel (50 ppr).